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Get a beautiful yard without the hassle and work!
With over two decades of experience in the industry, Evergreen Lawn & Pest Control can take the burden of maintaining your yard off of your hands and into ours with our premiere lawn care services in Leesburg, Florida.

I have gone through several pest control companies over the years with disappointing results. I was so happy to find Evergreen. They are knowledgeable and care about customer service. Highly recommend!


Lawn Care Leesburg

Known for our canals and gardens, Leesburg is truly a beautiful place to live. This can mean there's a lot of pressure to keep your lawn looking green and healthy - and sometimes fighting the heat and humidity to keep your Florida lawn in peak condition can start to feel like a full-time job.

At Evergreen, we understand the unique challenge of maintaining a healthy lawn in the Florida climate. Our team of Leesburg lawn care experts will assess your grass and develop a personalized lawn care program designed to target any potential issues. We'll keep you informed every step of the way, answering any questions you may have. Our priority is providing lasting relationships with our customers by treating your yard like it's our own and getting the results you have always wanted every season of the year.

From thorough inspection to extensive soil testing, our trained technicians will create a lawn care scheduled tailored specifically to meet your Leesburg lawn care needs. Our Leesburg lawn care services address what your grass needs most in each season, including:

  • Spring and fall pre-emergent applications to prevent weed growth
  • Disease control that prevents your lawn from becoming infected or suffering from wilting
  • Full insect protection measures to control and prevent the risk of pest infestations
  • Slow release granular and liquid fertilizers appropriate for the soil on your lawn. 
  • Phosphorus-free and lake-friendly fertilization that keeps your environment safe

"My lawn tech, Johnathon, is the best technician that I have had so far. My lawn has never looked better!" - Mrs. E., Leesburg

Family-friendly lawn care for your peace of mind

Though our primary concern is making your lawn vibrant and healthy, your family's safety is important to us, too; that's why our lawn treatments in Leesburg rely on phosphorus-free fertilizers that are child-friendly and won't cause run-off pollution to Lake Harris, Lake Denham, or surrounding waterways.

Our highly trained technicians use the latest and most effective methods to bring your lawn to its fullest potential, and we don't take your trust lightly. We test every single product that we use, from pre-emergent weed control formulas to pest and disease control applications to slow release granular and liquid fertilizers. Every formula we use for our Leesburg lawn treatment is custom blended to meet the needs of your lawn without harming Florida's lakes and groves.

Get the lawn of your dreams without all the hard work.

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Aeration Services in Leesburg

In order to have a vibrant, healthy lawn, you have to start at the foundation. Our lawn aeration services in Leesburg work to strengthen the roots of your grass and stimulate growth, so you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year long. 

Our core aeration machines distribute evenly spaced holes throughout your lawn, allowing the soil to breathe. Our Leesburg lawn aeration services will:

  • Reduce standing water on the surface of your lawn

  • Allow water, fertilizer, and nutrients to get to the roots of your grass

  • Help your lawn be healthy, which in turn makes it easier to maintain

Unlike most lawn care companies in the Leesburg area, we include custom fertilization as part of our Leesburg aeration package. Performing both of these services on the same day is beneficial to your lawn, allowing natural minerals and micronutrients to nourish your grass seed and soil. We use the industry's finest coarse-grained, slow-release fertilizer so your lawn will be able to digest what it needs over an extended period of time, improving the health and vibrancy of your grass.

A beautiful lawn is not out of reach!

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Tree & Shrub Care in Leesburg

At Evergreen, we understand that trees and shrubs in Florida are vulnerable to diseases – and those infections can easily spread to your grass. If you don't address signs of disease on your shrubs immediately, you yard may end up disheveled and unappealing. Instead of worrying about potential problems, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful yard with our tree and shrub care in Leesburg. 

Our expert tree and shrub care team will develop a custom treatment plan to address soil health and the unique needs of the trees and shrub in your landscape. 

Our tree and shrub care in Leesburg includes:

  • Balanced granular and liquid fertilization methods.

  • Custom blended applications based on the season.

  • Insect control to repair and avoid damages.

  • Disease control to keep your property safe from fungi, rot, and other diseases

Protect shrubs from insects and diseases

Neglected shrubs are breeding grounds for pests, which can spread to other vegetation. Our professional technicians give plants the nutrients and attention necessary to flourish, so they resist diseases insects naturally. As a result, our tree and shrub care in Leesburg improves the look of your landscape for the long-term.

When you leave your trees and shrubs in the hands of Evergreen, you can rest assured they’re in the best hands! 

Get the landscape you deserve.

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Did you know we also offer pest control in Leesburg in addition to lawn care? Learn more about how our one-stop shop can also protect your home from pests!

Why Evergreen

Friendly, knowledgeable and nationally certified, our technicians go about their job enthusiastically and professionally – which has earned us our 4.6 star rating! We are proud to foster a dynamic team that never fails to follow best practices, works hard to exceed your expectations, and develops strong relationships with all of our customers. We're members of the Leesburg community, too - as a local family-owned & operated company, we're committed to giving you the same care and kindness we'd show our neighbors. 

When your landscape is on the line, you want a team you can trust. At Evergreen, we use the most advanced techniques in the industry to make sure your lawn is thick and vibrant. And because your lawn will look so good, it's only natural that you'd want to show it off! Our lawn care in Leesburg will give you the backyard of your dreams for outdoor parties, barbecues, and celebrations. 


A great looking lawn for a fraction of the cost.

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